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  • Dog Talk With Chris, interviewed by Julie Black from Bonza Dog Treats

    Julie Black from Bonza Dog Treats interviewed our owner Chris about how she started Byron Paws and her love of dogs.
  • 5 Easy Sustainable Swaps To Your Dog's Lifestyle

    You might already have switched to sustainable practices in your day to day life. Why not extend it to your dog's lifestyle and make these eco-friendly swaps? The planet will thank you.
  • These common plants are toxic to your dog!

    Did you know these common plants can be very harmful to your dog? Adam from Custom Collars educates us on which plants to avoid when planning a safe backyard for your dog.
  • Your dog deserves a pawty!

    Is your dog’s birthday or gotcha day coming up? Let’s Pawty Sydney is the most fabulous dog party planner. Think colourful balloons, cute accessories, personalised themes and the funnest celebration for your pup!
  • Don't Use Essential Oils On Your Dog Before Reading This!

    Some essential oils are extremely harmful to dogs. Read this article to find out which ones are safe and what are the best way to use them on your pooch.
  • 7 Tips For Washing Your Dog

    Does your dog run the other away when it’s time to wash? Do you end up drenched after every dog bath? 
    Read our 7 tips for washing a dog who hates bath time!
  • Tips for a Dog Friendly Trip to Byron Bay

    Are you planning a trip to Byron Bay and want to bring your dog along? We've got you covered. Here are our tips to enjoy the bay with your companion.