5 Easy Sustainable Swaps To Your Dog's Lifestyle

 In recent years, living a sustainable life has been made a lot easier by easily accessible information and the abundance of eco-friendly products on the market.

You might already have switched to riding a bicycle to work, or buying sustainably grown products to reduce your footprint.
Why not take it one step further and make some easy changes to your dog's lifestyle?


What is sustainability?

Put simply, sustainability means meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Giving the earth the ability to replenish its resources is essential in guaranteeing its longevity.


Can I really make an impact?

The average Australian has a carbon footprint of 15 tonnes of CO2 per year¬Ļ, which is way more than the 2 tonnes recommended to keep global warming down under 2 degrees by 2050¬≤.

In short, Yes. Every little counts.

 Byron Paws Dog Sustainable Tips

Visit your local market and pick a fresh bunch, we guarantee your dog will appreciate it

1. Food

Ditch your supermarket-bought processed dog food and instead, visit your local butcher. Do a bit of research and ask for offals, chicken necks and bones. These are full of yummy protein and nutrients like glucosamine and vitamins. Chances are you will get these for free or at a minimum cost.

Want to add some fruit and veg? Visit your local market and pick a fresh bunch, we guarantee your dog will appreciate it.


2. Treats

There are tons of small Australian businesses making and selling natural dog treats. Choose the ones with the most eco-friendly packaging, and feel good about supporting a small business!


3. Waste disposal

Your 1st and most sustainable option is to bury it. Make sure it isn't directly under any plants and buried deep and far enough that your dog won't go digging for it.

2nd option is to flush it down the toilet. Just like human waste, dog poop will go down your sewage just fine.

Last, you can use compostable bags. You will need to make sure they go in an organic or compost bin as they don't decompose well in landfill.


4. Grooming

Just like human beauty care, dogs have a huge range to choose from. So why not choose natural and eco-friendly products?

Switching to a dog shampoo bar like our Calming Shampoo or Outdoorsy Shampoo will reduce waste massively as our packaging is usually made of paper.  Using a natural rubber or bamboo brush instead of plastic is another small change that goes a long way. 

Our suction Lick Mat is made of silicone. Silica found in sand and doesn't break down into dangerous micro-plastic pieces that can be ingested by wildlife and ocean life.


Byron Paws Natural Eco-Friendly Dog 
@franklinandtheboys with his eco-friendly Byron Paws goodies

5. Toys and accessories

We love to spoil our pooches, and you can still do it with eco-friendly toys. Pick toys made of hemp, wool, organic cotton, natural rubber or recycle plastic.

The same goes for lick mats and slow feeders, which you will easily find in sustainable materials.


Do you have sustainable tips you would like to share? Leave a comment below!


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