7 Tips For Washing Your Dog

Does your dog run the other away when it’s time to wash?
Do you end up drenched after every dog bath?
Keep reading, we have some tips for you!


Why does my dog hate washes so much?

Are you washing your dog in the garden with your garden hose? Chances are the water is too cold and the temperature shock is scaring your pup.

Do you have a slippery bathtub? Slipping and falling will more than likely cause your dog to panic.

Washes can be overwhelming for your dog's senses. Let’s make the experience as smooth as possible!

Byron Paws Dog Wash Tips Lick Mat


1. Have everything ready

Make sure you have your shampoo, brush, towel, and anything else you might need right by your wash area to minimise the chances of your dog escaping if left alone.

2. Place a mat in your bathtub

Having a bath mat or even a towel will help your dog feel steadier. Falling in the bathtub is not a good feeling!

3. Distract with treats

Distraction is key here. Why not try the Byron Paws Suction Lick Mat? It sticks to your tiles or any flat surfaces. Spread your treat, and keep your dog busy during washes.

4. Check the water temperature

Keep the water warm but not boiling. Just like us, dogs like soothing warm water, and any temperature extremes will scare them.

5. Use dog shampoo

Human shampoos can contain harmful ingredients to your dog. We recommend using a natural shampoo with a calming scent. Have you tried Byron Paws Calming Shampoo or Outdoorsy Shampoo? They are natural, 100% safe, and have eco-friendly packaging to reduce waste!

Byron Paws Dog Wash Tips Natural Shampoo

6. Avoid the face

Use a cloth instead. Getting water in the eyes and snoot is not a good feeling!

7. Forget the hairdryer

Sure, blowdrying your dog’s fur is faster, but it will add stress to an already tense experience. Instead, keep your dog on a leash and use a towel. Picking a sunny day for your wash is also a good idea to accelerate drying time. 


How did your wash go? Leave us a comment if you have any more tips!

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