Your dog deserves a pawty!

At Byron Paws, we love everything dog!
We love sharing our best finds with you, especially when they are Aussie.


Is your dog’s birthday or gotcha day coming up?

Or perhaps you just want to show your pooch some extra love?


Let's pawty Sydney Dog Party

A fabulous pawty!


Let’s Pawty Sydney is the most fabulous dog party planner. Think colourful balloons, teepees, cute accessories and delicious treats! You can pick one of their themes including “Donut Candy Land” or “Tropical Pawidise”, or request a personalised event.

We LOVE the details put into their events and honestly, we feel a little jealous of our four-legged friends...


Let's Pawty Sydney Custom Dog Party

You can personalise your pup's event 

What if you don’t live in Sydney?

No drama, they’ve got you covered. 

Recently, we celebrated our new team member Cosmos’s adoption with one of their gift boxes. The box was personalised with our pup’s name and the toys were of high quality and extra cute. The rainbow squeaky piñata immediately became our boy’s favourite toy.

If you feel like throwing a celebration at home, they will personalise buntings and a crown for your pooch, and you can even pick your toys and treats of choice from their online store.


Let's Pawty Sydney Gift Box Dog Birthday

Our Cosmos with his adoption gift box


Renee and Claire are a pleasure to work with and have so many fun ideas to make your fur baby feel like the prince/princess they are!


Lets Pawty Sydney

Renee and Claire

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